Millicent Curtis


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Age: 38
Sex: Female
Faith: Christian
Residence: Memphis, Tennessee (United States)
Hobbies: Biblical studies, foreign languages, fashion design, digital photography, science, sewing, website design, fitness. Participant in the America 24/7 Project and drinking gourmet coffees.

Hypatia Society






It was a friendly atmosphere in the West Texas town of Lubbock. There sits a lovely Latin family, at their kitchen table planning the daily household activities. They are a very large family. There are seven people in all, two parents and five children. There are a set of triplets and a set of twins. The parent's names are Joseph and Maria. The triplets are named Mario, Joey Jr. and Maria Jr. The twins are named Freddy and Frieda. They are a blessed family for they love and respect each other very much.  

One evening, the triplets decided to go to the pond and look for frogs. Once they arrived at the pond, they saw a shooting star. Mira! Said one of the triplets in Spanish, a shooting star! The legend has it that if you wish upon a shooting star, all of your dreams will come true. That is ridiculous! said, Joey, there is no such legend. Thats all a stupid fairytale. I think its neat, said, Maria Jr. Shooting- stars are so pretty to look at. 

Once the triplets saw the star, they went home and told their mother. Guess what mommy? We saw a shooting star, as they looked with shiny- eyed excitement. What did it look like asked their mother? Frieda responded it was so very pretty. It was shiny and it had a shiny tail that glowed in the dark like a firefly. I wished that I were there to see it, said their mother Maria. Next time, Ill go with you. 

So, the next starry evening, they family along with their father and the twins went out to the pond, in search of a shooting star. When they arrived, the sky was a reddish orange color and the sun rested quietly in the west. Suddenly, there was something bright in the sky. It was a shooting star, in all its cosmic glory. Fanatical about the stars appearance, the children yelled with great anticipation for their parents to see the shiny brightness that illuminated the sky. Well, said their father Joseph, I guess you guys did see a shooting star. Did you make a wish Daddy? Asked Frieda and Freddy together. 

Yes I did, said Joseph. I wish that Id always have a family that will love, and fulfill me spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Also, Id like to say that I love you all, with all of my heart and soul. Frieda and Freddy smiled, when they heard their fathers remarks. Do you love us too mommy? They asked in unison. Of course I do, for you are my precious children. And you know what, we will someday live in heaven together, then, we will really be happy together. 

Finally, it was getting late. The sky was a dark indigo with a silver glow from the shooting star. Life can be so sweet, Maria said to her husband Joseph. We are truly blessed. For we have a family worth more than all the riches in this world. Finally, the family of the stars turned away from the pond and walked home, with sweet thoughts of the evenings events. 


Yellow flower
resting upon the water
spring is beginning

Delicate butterfly
Floating upon the winds'
spring breeze

Lost frog
resting against the water
the night is beginning

Quiet mountain
glowing upon the sky's
cold breeze

White cloud
floating over the morning

Quiet moon
floating over the water
the night is mysterious

Quiet lake
resting with the tree's
autumn breeze

Bright leaves
playing against the sky
spring is here

Red moon
floating against the sky
the night dreams

Yellow sun
looking upon the hill
summer is coming

Shira le a Nephesh  (Poetry for the Soul)

A prophet of wisdom
Enoch, Jehovah's elect
A soul descends

Frankincense and Myrrh
Holiest of elixirs
The priestly anointment

Solomon's wisdom
Soothes the weariness of hearts
Lips full of grace

A beloved king
Countenance of purest gold
Heir to the kingdom

My name is Millehnniam

I am a prophetess to the end

My name is Millehnniam

I am Gods true friend

Millehnniam is my name

For I am Gods true friend

Millehnniam is my name

Until the very end

Many people think me strange

But that is so untrue

Many people think me strange

From old to young anew

I am Millehnniam

For I am Gods true friend

I am Millehnniam

Until, the very end



A Poem of Love for a Sister



Millicent Y. Curtis


Who is this woman, so full in wisdom ?

She is the princess of the universe

Her name is Hypatia, of pagan fame

She is not what she seems

She died a brutal unjust death

For witnessing against the false ones

She is a hero among the elect

For her legacy shall remain untold

I love my Hypatia, with all my heart

For she is the woman of mystery

Hypatia is the first one of election

For she will go down in history

A woman of such wealth of wisdom

Is person who will prosper

Hypatia is my sister of solace

For she will be remembered forever in spirit

The Legacy of Hypatia

A Prose of the Spirit

By Millicent Y. Curtis


Hello everyone can you see me?

I am Hypatia, of the spiritual realm

Can you see me now my friends?

For I am beautifully wise

I am Hypatia of the realm of discovery

Can you see me now my friends

For I am a new found woman of wisdom

Can you see me now my friends?

For I am a lovely dove of distinction

I am Hypatia of the universal realm

For knowledge is the key to my life



Time Travel Through Fashion

A Story of Time Travel Through Lace

By Millicent Y. Curtis


This story takes place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in the year 2003. Here, we have our heroine, Millicent and her two friends Anastasia and Celine. They are a very close- knit group of friends, for they are like sisters, who grew up in Montreal together. The three friends are the owners of a vintage clothing store, in one of Montreals most fashionable districts. It is now Wednesday morning and the three women are sitting at the dress counter, drinking cups of Highlander Grog coffee, chatting about the current fashion trends and the upcoming fashion week. Business has been excellent. Its close to Halloween and many people have been in the shop to buy costumes for their upcoming parties.

Well, said Millicent. Its been quite a chilly day here in Montreal. Dont you ladies agree? It sure has, said Celine, who has just recovered from a cold and Im ready for spring to return already. Well, if you ask me, said Anastasia, I love the fall weather. It makes me feel so warm, cozy and its rejuvenating for the spirit. Hey, I have an idea, said Millicent. The Montreal Museum of Art & Fashion is sponsoring an exhibition on lace garments, from the 18th century. Lets go there, after we close shop and to see it. Great idea, said Celine. A visit to the museum will provide excellent inspiration for new fashion ideas. Besides, I want to create a line, of vintage style clothing, inspired, from the Marie Antoinette Era. OK then, its a date, said Millicent. Well go, right after work.

So, later that afternoon, after the women closed shop, they took the trolley to the museum. It was a beautiful afternoon in downtown Montreal. The colors of fall were very noticeable that day. For, the streets were lined with leaves of burgundy, orange and yellow. The air was crisp and there was the smell of roasting coffee and fresh baked pastries in the air. Finally, after a short trolley ride, the three women arrived at the museum. Well, here we are ladies, said Millicent. Now, Im excited about the exhibit, said Anastasia. Lets go in and see what we can find. The museum was a very beautiful building. It looked as though it was built during the Marie Antoinette Era. It was a dusty rose color, trimmed with floral scones and accents. Also, the entrance was enhanced with a couple of goddess statues at the entrance.


As soon as the three friends went into the museum, they asked one of the pages there to lead them to the fashion exhibit. Once, they entered the atrium, where the exhibit was, they marveled at the opulence and detail of the garments. Wow! Said Anastasia. These are the most beautiful garments that I ever saw. Im admiring the details, said Celine, as she pulled her sketch - pad, out of her portfolio. I cannot believe they actually used pure gold and silver threads to create these garments, said Anastasia. I love the shoes, said Millicent. Look at the many creative ways they used silk and precious stones, within the designs of their shoes. Apparently, these people really knew how to live the life of opulence and prestige.

For the rest of the afternoon, the three friends walked throughout the rest of the exhibit creating and sketching. Finally, it was almost time for the museum to close. . Its fifteen minutes to ten ladies, said the security guard. The museum will close at ten oclock sharp. OK, thank you sir, said Millicent. Well, ladies, Ive been inspired. How about your guys? This was an excellent day, said Celine. I have created so many new and wonderful ideas, that Im going to start on my new line, first thing tomorrow morning. I was also, inspired by the colors said Millicent. Tomorrow, Im going to create a new color spectrum for the upcoming spring season. Im going to create a line of body products, inspired from the exhibit said Anastasia. It will be called "La Fleur Du Marie (The Flower of Marie)". After the women left the museum, they all caught the trolley to their apartments, reminiscing of a brilliant and creative day.

Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.

 ~F. Scott Fitzgerald