My Art and Poetry


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Sun God -- Watercolor

Hypatia Society


Have mercy on me for I have sinned.

I have dared to dream of happiness

I gazed into a cloudless sky

Imagining that I might love.

Forgive my sin of vanity

For thinking I might be beautiful

For trying to live as dreams and dust

Free to fly and be joyful.

Have mercy on me for I have sinned.

I have thought I could have opinions.

On love, on life, on politics.

I have sinned this way for years.

Forgive my sin of philosophy

Gazing about the darkness of night

Wondering the meaning of life

Or perhaps my purpose in it.

Forgive my sins of humanity

For I am weak and frail of discipline.

I cannot survive on simple things.

I must have the best to be pleased.


Have mercy on me, for I have sinned

It is a law of life that human beings, even the geniuses among them, do not pride themselves on their actual achievements but that they want to impress others, want to be admired and respected because of things of much lower import and value.
-- Stefan Zweig