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My True Nature?

Monsters I always hide from

Yes, love, I used to exist.

Extinguish all the warm feelings and prepossessions in favour of virtue, and all disgust or aversion to vice: render men totally indifferent towards these distinctions; and morality is no longer a practical study, nor has any tendency to regulate our lives and actions.
                                            -- David Hume

June 20, 2004

Tonight I talked shop with an old friend.  We chatted about life and art and inspiration and all was well until my abstraction got the better of me and our paths diverged.

I wonder, then, if divergence will be my punishment for the sins I might have once imagined committing.  Will I ever be cursed to steer about this life so alone?  It seems as if my mind is to full of seperation to connect with reality anymore...

Zen would quite approve of this state I am in.

I have never been nothing quite as well as I've ceased to exist at this point.

Painting: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic.
~Ambrose Bierce