Julie E. Creech


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Artist, Entrepreneur, Philosopher and Poet


Hypatia Society

Who am I

and other silly questions


I am a walrus... who said that, I wonder.  But really, if you know who I am please let me know, for I've been lost much longer than I realize.  Oh such angst in an old woman, but then I am still a child, and ever will be.  perhaps that is all I am.

...a breath of whimsy when I should be serious.

If you'd like a serious answer to these questions, check out my brief Bio on the About us page, if you enjoy whimsy and a view of the inside, come visit me at my website: http://photofoxygirl.tripod.com


My Art and Poetry

Articles, Essays and Etc...

A State of Disgrace

The Shame Of Genius

On Freedom of Speech

On the Responsibility of Power

What Does it Mean to 'Act White'? -- A Race Survey

Genius without education is like silver in the mine.
-- Benjamin Franklin