Submission Guidelines


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Let us publish your work!

Hypatia Society

Hypatia Society welcomes all members to submit their writing and artwork to be published on our site, and we also welcome submissions from non-members with regard to particular subjects of interest to our members.

For Members:

We are happy to publish your writing and artwork of any style, subject or genre as long as the submitted writings are pre-edited for grammatical correctness and, if the subject matter is controversial, you make a clear and convincing argument or theory with sufficient evidence to warrant publishing potentially offensive material. With all member submissions I ask that you provide a brief bio to be included in your member page and will also accept any image you would like to add to your personal page. You may submit your writing within the text of an email or as an attachment. I prefer JPG attachments for images.

If you'd like to specify the quote appearing on the bottom of your page just let me know.

For Non-members:

With regard to subject matter we will accept texts from nonmembers that fall within the focus of our resource library subjects, pertain to giftedness, or are related to any of those subjects.

Our standards for writing are pretty basic. We expect texts which are edited for grammatical correctness before submission, are written in a professional and pleasant to read manner, have proper substantiation and references for theories and/or arguments presented. Please make sure to cite your sources for supporting material and send us only your best work.

Please paste your submission within the text of your email to I will not open attachments by nonmembers.

Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius.
Benjamin Disraeli, Contarini Fleming