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Hypatia Society

Hypatia Society would like to publish your works on their site.
Submission Guidelines: Writing
1. please send submissions to with "website writing submission" in the subject line. please paste the body of the work in the message.  *attachment submissions will not be opened*
2. Please include a brief Bio to be posted with your submission, if you would like to include your photo, please request further instruction on sending images.
3. We cannot pay for submissions at this time.
4.  All submissions will be viewable by looking for writer's name under member submissions, or article name in resources if article pertains to resource catagories.
5.  Please be patient.  I will review and proofread submissions as fast as I can.  *If you would like to volunteer to help me proofread submissions please let me know by email*

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Julie E. Creech

Wendall Sexton

Bradley Skene

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