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Divine Inspiration or Some Such Madness

The Seen Unspoken

Cross-process color slide film 35mm

This was taken on July 4, 2001 at the Fair St. Louis firewors display.  I was lucky enough to get a birds eye view from the tallest building in St. Louis.  I love this pic, although I think it is a bit frightening.

Finally... My artwork.  So long put off, but no longer.  This may be a slow process of building since the uploads take so long.

Barely Breathing
35mm color-- photoshop manipulation

Oh how fun photoshop is!  This one is from the same shoot that Barbie Bound is from (see on the who am I page).  The model was such fun and so imaginative.... this just seems to be the perfect use for christmas lights.

imaginary profile
ink drawing

35mm color

Sometimes there is just so much beauty in a woman, or in this case a girl... The lines of her musculature nearly moved me to tears of amazement and delight.  She looks so feline and delicious in this photograph, and what in the world is in those eyes?

color pencil

I kind of liked this one, so colorful!  Just a little picture I drew one night and colored in at a coffee shop.

Beauty in Repose
35mm color

I do believe this is the most beautiful photograph I've ever taken, and it was from my very first human photoshoot!  I love the lines, the shadows and the delicate curling of her toes.. you can definately see that she is a dancer.

35mm color photograph

How I LOVE thunderstorms!!!  This photo is time elapsed shot of the street outside of my old apartment, through an old elm, during a night storm... I love it! It seems, to me,  to look a little like UFO algea or something.

Rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together.